Giraffe Canvas Painting (Paint at Home Package)

Giraffe Canvas Painting (Paint at Home Package)

£40.00 سعر عادي
£34.00سعر البيع

Unleash your hidden artist and learn how to paint this colourful Giraffe Canvas Painting in the comfort of your own home!


This 'Paint at Home' package includes all the materials you need to create your artwork, along with access to an exclusive video tutorial, taking you through you every step of the process.


This pack includes a Premium Canvas (50cm x 40cm), a full set of premium Acrylic Paints, a large paintbrush, sketching pencil, marker and the Giraffe stencil.

Also included is your unique password to access the online video tutorial, teaching you how to create this amazing painting from start to finish, step-by-step!



*This item can be purchased throughout the UAE and UK/Ireland. The price in AED before discount is 200dhs.


*Customers can pay using credit/debit card via the Paypal option, even if they do not have a Paypal account.